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Yes, 10/10 customer service. While I spent some time looking at sites and trying to figure out if they were legit or not but the moment I found the site and saw they had video reviews all over the place I knew this was a legitimate doll maker. I’ve used my fair share of masturbators and while they’re fun they have nothing on a sex doll. It’s so much more stimulating looking down and seeing a perfectly molded doll with so much detail it’s insane. Watching her tits bounce as you pound into her is awesome.

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Yes, top tier customer service and product! From my experience with these TPE dolls you can literally break them in. If she is too tight fisting and leaving something inside her like a lube bottle that is slightly bigger than her hole over night a few times till she fits just right. Also you can put in some heavy work on her boobs just moving them around and squeezing them to work them in which will make them softer to the touch and maybe jiggle a little better.

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Yes, Outstanding product and flawless customer service! She is everything I want! It is worth noting if you’re into anal and you’re a bigger size you might have a hard time fitting as she has a super tight asshole. Looks so good getting fucked once you’re in but it takes a little work sliding in her. And if you wanna dress up your doll good luck finding anything that’ll fit her. Overall she’s cheap and high quality.

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Yes, the customer service is above and beyond! Firstly, I have to say the site has an absolutely amazing team: ) From answering any questions/concerns, responding kindly, and replying in a reasonable amount of time. This is 100% a legitimate business. You won’t get knock offs or cheap products… so don’t worry guys. You can rest assured you are buying very high quality and very realistic dolls here. Visually very stunning & beautiful in person : )

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Yes, Very good! 100% satisfied! She arrived on time and in perfect condition. She is absolutely beautiful! Everything met my expectations with stellar accuracy! The doll is an amazing product that will have you addicted the day she arrives on your doorstep. The attention to detail is very well done and although she can feel quite heavy, you will not even notice due to the sheer amount of fun you will be having! 100% satisfied! She arrived on time and in perfect condition. She is absolutely beautiful! (Legit Or Another Scam?)

Yes, this is a legit sex doll seller. At first your going to need to get used to the weight of the doll… but once you do you will be in for a treat as she knows how to bounce in all the right places…. The second thing is getting used to the tunnel positions … it will take some time to learn the angles and fulcrum points to suit your positioning effectively. Once you get these two things figured out you will have an ideal toy to get you through the day and relieve the stress of dealing with everyday women!!!

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Yes, it’s the best! Perfect chest, boobs, abs, butt, placement of vagina and anus is spot on. Lingerie and even regular clothing look perfect on her and recommended for the immersive experience. She is a good cuddler as well for those who have issues falling asleep or just want a sexy partner to share your night with. Lastly but very important she is a HEAVY doll. It is definitely a workout but worth every moment.

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Yes, it is safe to purchase here. This was not the wife and I first sex doll. We have had a couple before, we discovered this site’s high-quality premium sex dolls. They are very realistic and well worth the money spent. The wife absolutely loves her. Anytime I take her out of the box The wife can’t keep her hands off of her breast and pussy. Actually, it’s a big turn-on. For us. So, if you’re on the fence about getting a doll, not to worry, she is definitely well worth the money. review – Can you trust this vendor?

Yes, trustwothy. I am a former fleshlight user, but this thing is on another level. You can’t beat the feeling of a real women and this doll is close to the real thing. I have had full size sex dolls, but they are very heavy and difficult to position. This doll is very easy to hold and move without getting tired. It is also very easy to clean and is very affordable. This is a perfect doll for beginners. They have done a fantastic job with this doll.